Six Month Braces

Six-month orthodontics” is the dental term. What it means to you is straight front teeth—fast.

Using special braces, this treatment is for aligning just the front teeth. Since the front teeth are the most visible, and the ones that most adults care about, the procedure makes great sense for many people!

Once straightened, we usually supply you with retainers to wear at night to maintain straightness. Or, we can bond a permanent retainer in place.

The six-month orthodontic procedure is one of the most conservative, lowest cost and least invasive ways to a straight, even smile.

Are you a candidate? You may be if you:

  • Have healthy gums
  • Have mild to moderate misalignment of your front teeth
  • Are happy with the color, shape and size of your teeth, and your bite
  • Are a child, teen or adult

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