Have Dental Implants Done Right The First Time.

Don’t let another hack dentist touch your teeth again.  Let’s get it right the first time with natural looking, beautiful and strong implants made with titanium and metal-free zirconia that all comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Our Patients Love Us!
Dr. Nazir is is a very skilled and professional dentist. Jen is an awesome office manager who is always on top of the paperwork! Geneve was gentle while completing my teeth cleaning with no sensitivity discomfort! The staff is always great!read more
Janine Martinez
21:27 17 Sep 23
I have been to many dentists, and I can honestly say Dr. Nazir, is a genius! And very professional, thoughtful, and friendly. He is a head above the rest. The whole office is very professional and considerate. I would highly recommend them.read more
Janice McMaster
14:13 31 Aug 23
Smile Magic: Where Dental Excellence Meets Positive Energy!I cannot praise Dr. Nazir and Smile Magic enough for the exceptional dental care they have provided me. As a patient who has undergone multiple procedures, including dental implants, crowns, and fillings, I can confidently say that Dr. Nazir's expertise is second to none.From the moment I stepped into their Anaheim clinic, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. Dr. Nazir's positive energy and sense of humor immediately put me at ease, making each visit a pleasant experience. It's not often that you find a dentist who not only excels in their field but also knows how to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for their patients.The dental work done by Dr. Nazir has been nothing short of exceptional. Whether it was the precision and care he exhibited during my dental implant procedure or the flawless placement of crowns and fillings, I can confidently say that I am more than satisfied with the results. Dr. Nazir's attention to detail and commitment to perfection truly set him apart.Furthermore, I must commend the entire staff at Smile Magic for their dedication to providing five-star service. From the front desk to the dental assistants, everyone is friendly, efficient, and highly professional. They go above and beyond to make every visit a comfortable and stress-free experience.The quality of care I receive at Smile Magic is unmatched, which is why I am willing to make the drive all the way from Pasadena for my treatments. Having experienced dental care at various locations in the past, I can confidently say that Smile Magic is the best, and Dr. Nazir is a standout professional in his field.If you're looking for a dentist who not only delivers excellent dental work but also creates a positive and uplifting environment, then Dr. Nazir at Smile Magic is the one for you. I highly recommend him and his wonderful staff to anyone in need of top-notch dental care. With their expertise, positive energy, and stellar service, Smile Magic truly lives up to its name.read more
Adam Miller
19:22 20 Jul 23
My daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled by Dr Nazir. After 12 years of going to see him with a then 6 year old, extremely fearful of the dentist, to now 18 year old knowing she is in good hands, we will always continue to see Smile Magic and Dr Nazir.read more
Scott Wenk
20:14 27 Jun 23
SMILE MAGIC is AWESOME! Dr. Nazir at Smile Magic was FABULOUS! He was very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. His staff was very well informed, welcoming and friendly too. It was a great office atmosphere. Dr. Nazir took the time to listen to me, and he knew exactly what to do to fix my dental situation. They also inform you and work with you about the money part of it. I was also able to get appointments that were convenient for me, as well. I am so grateful! I highly recommend Smile Magic to all, and I will keep going back for all my dental needs. Go to Smile Magic. You will be very pleased! 5 STARS!read more
Connie Nicholas
03:53 20 Jun 23
Had a cleaning today. A great session - mentioned mild anesthetic. I immediately thought, oh no, more shots. So not the case, it was hardly even evident, the procedure was quick, thorough and great work by the technician. She is the best of the best. Highly recommend Smile Magic Dentistry.read more
Robert McMullen
16:03 09 Jun 23
Quick visit to have stitches removed, I was in and out of the office within 15 minutes. Love the staff at Smile Magic Dentistry.read more
juli bulis
03:23 01 Jun 23
I went to Smile Magic 17 Years ago and was really pleased with my care and treatment! Then life got in the way. I came back in 2023.Dr. Nazir was Heaven sent to me for my dental issues! I had many problems including needing emergency dental surgery with a bone graft. Dr. N. and his staff stepped in and came to my rescue!A lot of other dentists don’t do surgery- but Dr. Nazir does it ALL. He also has a wonderful, caring attitude.He has very high standards for veneers. My whole new set of veneers are beautiful!He always makes sure you are comfortable and is meticulous with his work. I recommend Dr. and his staff 1,000%!! Don’t hesitate to call them!read more
Andrea Oppedisano
02:39 01 Jun 23
The staff was very friendly and patient. They were willing to answer all of our questions with professionalism. Dr. Nazir was the most friendly and affable dentist we have ever met. What we admired most about him was his honesty! Something we've had a hard time finding in a dentist throughout the years, and most recently in our search for true holistic dentistry. This was a consult appt, but I think we have finally found our family dentist!!! Thank you Dr. Nazir and staff!UPDATE:When I went in to have actual work done, the first and only option given for my cracked tooth was a root canal 🚫 sorry, not the type of "holistic" dentist I was looking for. I left without having any work done and continued my search for true holistic dentistry. Happy to say I have found our new family dentist and my tooth was saved, a root canal was never even on this new drs radar. I am so thankful I did my own research and knew what true holistic dentistry looks like. I am happy now and working on removing all the toxins from my mouth. If that wasn't enough, my new family dentists' prices for the quality he uses are second to none! Trying to get prices from Smile Magic was difficult as they changed constantly depending on the office location and they also wanted to do procedures that I, the patient, felt was not a priority or was unnecessary. They refused to treat my cracked tooth as a priority and instead wanted me to use most of my benefits on a pricey deep cleaning first, before he would treat my pain. My new dentist said I didn't even need one. Thankful to be where I am.read more
03:23 06 May 23
I had two molar implants performed by Dr Nazir (extraction, implant, abutment, crown).From the moment I met Dr Nazir (and his staff), he instilled confidence and comfort with his manner. He explained in detail the process required to address my tooth pain. Dr Nazir’s approach is engaging and focused on perfection. His experience, resources and talent are top notch.I am completely satisfied with the results and would highly recommend Smile Magic.read more
Brian Kane
19:50 11 Feb 23
True artist of his craft. Dr Nazir takes time to ensure the patient is comfortable and not suffering from unnecessary pain. The approach to work is slow and methodical, I never felt rushed or hurried. A few times the items that arrived from the lab (crowns in my case) were sent back for a better fit, and procedure was rescheduled.Since I was paying out of pocket, the cost structure of the premium components and materials was explained to me, and I felt the pricing was justified, it didn't feel like an upsell. The goal here is not to maximize billable insurance services, it's to deliver a top-of-the-line end result.read more
Alex Moskalyuk
15:36 07 Sep 22
Dr. Nazir is amazing. This office does everything at a higher level than any dentist I've ever been treated by. I was seeking second opinions when a friend persuasively recommended Dr. Nazir. He called Dr Nazir's cell phone and him on the line within 1 minute. At that time, I was seeking second opinions since two other periodontists had turned down a complicated surgery i was facing involving an exposed nerve due to severe bone degeneration.Dr. Nazir's amazing attention to detail allowed me to recover with no swelling, and no pain and no damage to the nerve. Add to that an amazingly quick recovery. He tells the truth even when you may not want to hear it. He cares about your teeth, and your well-being. Dr. Nazir personally called me the evening of the surgery to see how my recovery was coming along! The entire staff is exceedingly proficient, kind, attentive. A special shout out to Kendra who takes care of you through the entire process, explaining schedules, expectations, costs and contributing to your course of treatment. She makes you feel comfortable in the process. She's excellent.I could honestly go on, but to everybody that might be afraid of dentists, and those who hate going to the dentist, these people have changed my thinking regarding dentistry and proved that there is a better, higher way of doing it!read more
Brett Sturgill
05:46 06 Feb 22
Nice office, efficient staff. Helped a friend out of a jam, so they are good people.
Duke Walls
04:32 28 Oct 21
Highly recommend Smile Magic Denistry!!! Dr Nazir and his entire staff are amazing. I had 24 teeth removed with no pain or bruising. They are always very helpful if you have any questions and are always available. Excellent work on my temporaries, I can’t wait to see my permanent implants.read more
Lori Gonzales
15:34 03 Aug 21
Big shoutout to Doctor Nazir! Due to my phobia of dentist/dentistry it had been over 3 years since I had been to the dentist. Finally the pain from an infected tooth had gotten so bad I couldn’t resist any longer.I was able to call Doctor Nazir on a Saturday evening and he agreed to see me!! He did an evaluation and determined my wisdom teeth and my infected tooth needed to be removed as soon as possible. 2 days later he put me under IV sedation and it was the smoothest process ever. Don’t really remember anything during and the pain afterwards was not bad at all. Protein shakes and eggs did the trick for me. Doctor Nazir is the best and if you have any issues go to him!!read more
James Douglas
19:16 30 Jul 21
35 years as a type I diabetic has shown me no mercy in the dental hygiene department. I have seen several dentist (including the dentist for the Anaheim Ducks) over the years and each and everyone of them basically put a band aid on the sore spot and called it a day, charging me an outrageous amount of money.Thanks to Dr. Nazir and his compassionate staff, I have my smile back. I haven't smiled in a photo showing my teeth in over 5 years. Thank you Smile Magic for restoring my self-confidence.I highly recommend each and everyone looking for a skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate dentist, to seek the talents of Dr. Nazir and his staff. I implore you, you will not be disappointed!read more
kim buck
23:52 16 Jun 21
I have no doubt that most dentists would have extracted my broken molar and put in an implant. Sure, it would be the default thing to do; simple, easy and safe. But also costly, painful and a few months long process.At Smile Magic, Dr. Nazir very naturally thought of a different approach, one that actually let me keep my tooth.Dentistry is obviously an artform too, and along with very advanced technology (all readily available AT THEIR FACILITY), a skilled dentist will see more that one way to resolve a dental issue.I'm so grateful for Dr. Nazir and his extensive experience. Within an hour, he reinforced the foundation of my tooth in order to put a crown on it.Voilà, ONE hour later I was done! 100% done that is.read more
03:52 12 Jun 21
When it comes to non-bs dental health, this is where to go. The staff at the reception, including assistants are committed to provide exceptional service.Dr. Nazir is direct, adds humor to your visit, and always has your best interest at hand. He is an excellent doctor and is aware about new technologies, procedures, dental care options. If you want to be treated like a person and not a business opportunity, have a conversation with him...you’ll see why I write this review without any hesitation.read more
Ayaz Kassam
19:49 19 Apr 21
Dr Nazir is by far the best dentist I’ve been to. Me and my family have been going to his office since 2012. He his very good at his practice (perfectionist)!He is honest, explains in detail your options and explains his recommendations. I have yet to find another dentist with great skill, precision and detail.We hope he is around for a long long time because we can’t see ourselves going elsewhere!Kendra his office manager and the rest of the staff is very professional, knowledgeable and keep the office spotless.Damian Familyread more
Leonard Damian
05:42 22 Dec 20
Honestly Dr Nazir is a God sent. He is the best dentist I have ever been treated by. I have very sensitive teeth that have to be worked on since I was very young. I have seen so many doctors. When I went to see Dr Nazir after a recommendation, I was thrilled to see a man that knows what he is doing. He is very intelligent, precise, a perfectionist ( it’s a good thing if you are a patient of one, believe me in this situation) and he really cares about people and how they have to live with his work. I’m very thankful for a fantastic dentist like dr Nazir.read more
ebbie Dohoney
06:06 20 Oct 20
I have to admit that I had avoided going to the dentist for years.…mostly out of fear and high anxiety of seeing the dentist. The sound of the drill just made me shiver! But I knew I had to address some major dental issues and it was time to face my fears. Needless to say, I was very nervous and apprehensive when I came in for my first appointment with Dr. Nazir. From the moment I stepped into the office (and now over a year later), Dr. Nazir and his staff were so friendly and instantly made me feel at ease. They are all very professional, caring and trustworthy.I knew I would be undergoing some major dental work. Dr Nazir has always been very honest, straightforward, and explains everything very clearly. It’s been a long process …. Over this past year, I’ve undergone teeth extraction, implants, bone grafting, and gum augmentation (yes, he does it all!). Although it hasn’t always been easy, Dr. Nazir has made me feel comfortable during every procedure. There is no one else that I would have trusted and had such faith in. He has done a fantastic job.His office has up-to-date technology and I truly appreciate that Dr. Nazir is very innovative and forward thinking. He is very compassionate about his work and truly cares for his patients.I could not be any happier with Dr. Nazir and I highly recommend him!read more
Eileen P
22:25 18 May 20
I have been going to see Dr. Nazir since 2007, and I am always amazed by his attention to detail, precision, and skill. While my family now lives in Palm Desert, it is worth driving to Orange County to go to Smile Magic Dentistry. He recently replaced the crown on my left front tooth and did a perfect job. Not only does the tooth look completely natural, but the entire process from coming in to making the crown to installing it too less than a couple hours.read more
Chloé Sweeney
21:08 17 Jan 20
The visit was great. The new dental hygienist did a great job of cleaning my teeth. She was professional, polite, and shared good information. Thanks to Dr Nazir for putting together an excellent team of professionals.read more
Ramzan Amiri 'student'
20:20 13 Jan 20
Got all of my 4 wisdom pulled on Friday and was able to go to work on Monday. Pain n swell free!!! I thought this was going to be one of the worst experiences but thanks Smile Magic it was a piece of cake!!! Highly recommend!!read more
Consuelo Torres
01:18 03 Jan 20
Magnificent, truly a place of magic and when you leave ... a magic smile!! I have NEVER encountered a medical office of any type like Dr. Ray’s. You are family and they are family .. and you don’t even have to try, it just happens. They are all diligent and very hardworking. Everything is for you. Don’t be surprised if Dr. Ray himself answers the phone, he did for me. Kendra, Annika and the others along with Dr. Ray. The best team, can’t thank them enough!read more
04:11 28 Nov 19
Five star experience all around. Excellent staff very friendly very conscious of all your needs.
James Klebau
20:54 13 Nov 19
I have always had such a fear of dentists which brought on panic attacks along with crying while in the chair.Dr Nazir is the kindest dentist I ever had the privilege to call my dentist. He always greets his patients with a smile and discusses in great detail of what is needed and the best treatment plan for you.All of the staff puts your mind at ease with a warm greeting. Before your treatment is started they discuss in great detail what your insurance plan will cover and your out of pocket cost. Very comforting that there will be no surprises in your bill.If you are looking for a dentist I highly recommend Smile Magic. A dentist that will melt your fears away.read more
laura jansen
03:58 31 Oct 19
Dr Z is by far the best dentist I’ve had to date. I have worked In the Dental industry for over 13 years. I choose him (and team) to be my personal dentist for a very good reason(s) You can trust this practice.read more
Rick Martinez
17:18 13 Sep 19
Excellent group do dental experts! Very thorough and knowledgeable . I like everyone in the dental office. Dr. Marquez is my favorite. I have great confidence in the whole staff and I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the latest in dental equipment and care.read more
Richard Carieri
21:10 01 Sep 19
My daughter Jill V. Has been a patient of Dr. Nazir for a little over a year. When my local dentist told me I needed an implant, she recommended I go to Dr. Nazir. I'm very impressed with his work ethic, knowledge, and confidence plus his professional and friendly support team. The patient is truly his primary concern and it shows!read more
Michele Boyd
16:43 11 Jun 19
I've been a patient of Dr. Nazir's for a few years. Always the best service. I tend to be a bit nervous since I've had past dentists not numb me properly when doing work. I've never had a problem at this office. They make sure I'm comfortable and everything is done correctly. I know I'm getting the best when I come here. Their work is impeccable. They never try to push any products or services on you that you don't need; like I've had dentists in the past do. They've removed a couple of my wisdom teeth, done multiple fillings and I've also had a root canal and crown done. I love the fact that no matter what you need this place can do it. You don't have to go to different places to get all your work done. I'll never go anywhere else.read more
Toni Michelle
04:53 17 May 19
Dr. Nazir and his staff are AMAZING! I've been coming to his office for over 8 years. Dr. Nazir is the only Dentist I recommend to friends and family. I feel at home in his office and know that I am in very good hands. Dr. Nazir is extremely knowledgeable and has the latest technology available, from 3D imaging to crown fabrication....in office. Recently, I called Smile Magic to schedule an appointment for severe pain in my gums and face. The staff set me up for a next day appointment. The 3D imaging & Dr. Nazir's expertise just about saved my life, as Dr. Nazir was able to diagnose an abscess in an old failed root canal, which had led to the worst sinus infection ever. Dr. Nazir was able to treat me SAME DAY!! SAME DAY! He always takes the time to thoroughly explain every procedure, and is always available for emergencies. The 2 hour drive to his office is always worth it. Best Dentist Ever!read more
Vicky Engle
04:50 27 Nov 18
Very knowledgable and technology informed group of professionals!
J Wu
14:51 09 Oct 18
Having now been there 4 times, they are personable, attentive and efficient at all they do! Rey responded to a emergency call on a Sunday he answered the phone himself taking care of my emergency within a short time. Great service quality of work i wouldn't and I don't worry about his fees.read more
Vic Parrino
22:06 06 Jul 18
My experience with Dr Nazir and the staff at smile magic was hands down the most incredible experience in dentistry I've ever had.i suffer from extreme dental problems , when I first called Dr Nazir , I did it on a Sunday thinking I would get a message machine, Dr Nazir Actually answered the Fon , on a Sunday while he was in a seminar. He's a very busy dentist but said his patients are the most important thing to him and top priority. He got me in the very next Tuesday. Him and his staff , particularly Kendra, spent 3 hrs with me going over options and procedures that would best fit my health and at the same time my financial restrictions. He did not push or demand the highest cosmetic procedures , him and Kendra simply laid out every option from top to bottom to get me to a healthy and affordable solution. I left there feeling as though I had a meeting with family. Who cared about me as such.ive been to 18 dentist in my life and Dr Nazir is hands down the most educated , caring , concious individual I've ever met in the medical field and everyone of his staff members seemed to have the same standard of excellence instilled in them. I recommend them to anyone and everyone and am looking forward to getting all me dental issues ( an intire mouth remodel) handled safely and efficiently. I am now in good hands.read more
Schulze Construction
00:48 19 Jan 18
Dr. Nazir knows what he's talking about and you won't leave wondering what it is you need.
Jenny Motto
21:46 06 Nov 17
I have been to several dentist over my life time and nobody compares to Dr. Nazir. He is very maticulous and makes sure you are comfortable at all times. You will not find a bettter overall dentist then him. I have had lots of procedures done with him from fillings to root canals to abstractions to crowns replaced and also implants so I can speak from experience. Also all the staff that are there from front desk Reed to financial manager Gail to his side kick Stephanie I couldn't of asked for a better group of people. Thanks Smile Magic for everything.read more
Michelle Martin
21:26 13 Feb 17
Every fear was handed. I have such confidence in his skill. He has state of the art equipment and facility. I would never go anywhere else.read more
Maggie Black-Fitzpatrick
01:46 16 Nov 16
Today, I met the most pleasant DDS, ever. The rest of the staff, are awesome as well. I try to take care of my teeth. Because I don't care to go to the dentist. I might just have to get a cavity, to stop in for a visit. 😉read more
Wayne Hoaglund
21:48 27 Sep 16

You have avoided your fear of smiling long enough.  We can help you!

Biometric Dental Implants with titanium and metal-free zirconia makes rebuilding your smile with natural looking, beautiful and strong teeth a breeze.  We also offer free IV Sedation and CT Scans for free.

Real Patients. Real Results

Benefits of Choosing Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Compared to more traditional types of tooth replacement, implants offer:

  • A 98% success rate
  • The potential to last for the rest of your life
  • Flexibility to replace as few or many teeth as needed
  • An option that’s non-invasive to adjacent teeth
  • Added bone health and density
  • Prevention of bone shrinkage after tooth loss
  • Maintaining natural tooth alignment and bite function
  • Fixed solutions that mimic natural teeth as opposed to the older removable devices.

Because implants are extremely strong, they can bear more weight than even the healthiest natural tooth.

Book a Free Consultation

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Our 5 year dental implant warranty program*

Your Implant will function as planned, or we will remove it and replace it – absolutely FREE.

Many of our local OC surgeons offer this courtesy, but not many will not do so in writing. We do!! Additionally, in those rare instances when an implant does fail, corrective or reparative surgery such as bone and/or soft tissue grafting is often needed. Most surgeons will charge extra for this service, even though the cause of the failure is often and commonly due to their own surgical mistakes. If one of the implants we have placed fails before being made functional, we will replace the implant and also perform any necessary corrective procedures at no charge to you.

Get your implant  examined and x-rayed annually for 5 years – Totally FREE

We stand by our services. An annual examination of your implant with x-ray images, of the implant/implants if required, will be performed at no charge for the 5 years following implant placement. This commitment to excellence applies across all our offerings and services, and to enables trouble free follow up for all of our implant related guests. .

Your Implant will remain healthy and functional for 5 years or we will fix it

Although uncommon when filtered and selected appropriately, some implant patients can develop problems. This includes loss of bone or gum because of uncontrolled periodontal disease, overload, or other reasons. If a additional corrective surgical procedure is required to maintain the health of your implant, it will be billed according to the following warranty fee schedule (this does not include tooth or implant cleanings):

Year 1 — FREE
Year 2 — 80% discount of our regular fee
Year 3 — 70% discount of our regular fee
Year 4 — 60% discount of our regular fee
Year 5 — 50% discount of our regular fee

Conditions and Limitations*

If an implant fails to integrate (secure itself to the bone), before being loaded/placed into function,  we will replace it at no charge, one time only. If an implant requires a repair procedure, it will be billed according to the warranty fee schedule, for one time only. An annual implant examination including x-rays or regular dental cleanings in our office (when recommended) is an absolute requirement for this warranty to apply. This warranty does not apply to smokers or to persons who have, or who develop, an uncontrolled systemic health problem, such as, but not limited to, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, severe osteoporosis, or any condition requiring long term steroid use. If smoking or a medical condition is suspected as the cause of implant failure or other complication that requires treatment, a medical examination and appropriate blood tests will be required for this warranty to apply.

Complimentary Implant Consultations

Smile Magic offers complimentary consultations to all new patients. If you’re curious about whether or not dental implants are right for you, we invite you to schedule a free visit with us to learn more. During your evaluation we can discuss if implants are appropriate and which restorative options might be the best choice for your unique needs.

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Tuesday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Wednesday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Thursday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday By Appointment Only


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