When you have an unexpected complication after a tooth extraction or root canal, it can be a surprising and worrying thing. Infections can be difficult to heal if they aren’t treated quickly. That’s why we have an aggressive and effective treatment for post-extraction complications.

What Is a Cavitation?

When a dentist leaves behind the surrounding ligament during a tooth extraction or root canal, known as the periodontal ligament, this dead tissue poses a risk for infection and other complications. The problem is that the leftover tissue is exposed in the mouth. Without a tooth to keep out nasty things, it’s open to attack.

A cavitation happens when this tissue around the empty hole becomes chronically infected or irritated due to bacteria. In most cases, you may not notice the cavitation until it reaches the point of bothering you consistently from inside your mouth. By this time, the surrounding area has often healed enough to cover the cavitation, making it difficult to diagnose and treat.
Like any other dental issue, it’s important to fix a cavitation as soon as possible.

Cavitation Treatment

In order to deal with a cavitation quickly, we first need to detect it. Since most people come in only after they start to notice the symptoms, detection is usually challenging. If the gums and jawbone have healed over the cavitation, there won’t be any visual signs.
This is when we pull out our 3D imaging tools. Getting an inside view of your mouth, the imaging equipment will let us see what is going on underneath the surface of the gums. We can spot the cavitation and proceed with a good treatment plan.

Once we know what we are dealing with, we’ll start to fix it quickly. Dr. Nazir holds a Masters in Oral Surgery, meaning he can treat the cavitation surgically by exposing the infected area, cleaning it out, and closing it up. If this happens, you will be kept under conscious sedation so you can remain awake and relaxed. Sometimes, other homeopathic treatments like ozone injections may be the better option depending on the cavitation.

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