We don’t stop at just treating your main dental issues. To keep your teeth healthy in the future, it’s important to remove the bacteria that leads to tooth decay and other complications. You’ll still have to brush and floss, but we can give you a head start and help your teeth at the same time.

Ozone Therapy Benefits

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that is safe to breathe. In fact, it’s the same stuff that makes up parts of our atmosphere. Why do we use it in our holistic dentistry therapies?
The gas is no friend to bacteria. It effectively kills harmful bacteria that cause dental issues, quickly sterilizing the teeth and mouth. Once done, you will have a clean set of teeth without the need for any additional drilling.

Suffer from highly sensitive teeth? Ozone can help here as well. The gas hardens the enamel of the teeth. This outer layer is important for protecting delicate nerve endings inside the tooth. If you experience pain from cold air or water, it’s usually a sign that the enamel has weakened. Harder enamel means less or no tooth sensitivity.

What to Expect

Our ozone therapy is quick, simple, and easy to include with other dental procedures. All we do is apply some ozone gas and/or water to different areas of the enamel and dentin. You will experience a pain-free and comfortable procedure while the ozone gets the job done.

There are a number of procedures we use ozone therapy in. Routine cleanings and deep cleanings benefit from ozone sterilization to kill bacteria the other treatments may miss. The gas helps us get to areas deep under the gums to clean places our instruments and other disinfectants can’t reach. It’s also effective as a disinfectant during root canal therapies.
We also use this therapy when fixing gum issues. Bleeding gums, for example, is a sign that harmful bacteria is damaging the foundation of your teeth. Zone helps to sterilize the gums to prevent further damage and to promote future healing.

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