If you need a root canal or tooth extraction, we like to make sure we get everything out so nothing damaging remains. Our holistic extraction methods remove dead tissue more completely to prevent further decay or infections.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Extraction Procedures?

You may think that when a dentist removes a tooth or root, they are getting everything. In traditional extractions like root canals, a dead ligament that surrounds the tooth is left. Normally, this ligament is just reabsorbed into the body as the leftover hole heals. Sometimes, however, leftover bacteria can cause some complications.

While this isn’t an immediate cause for concern, some people believe leftover bacteria can cause issues with the immune system or increase the chance of future complications like a cavitation.

We Go One Step Further

Our holistic extraction process removes the leftover ligament. No dead ligament means a lower risk of infection. This is also a great way to prepare the site for a future dental implant since the socket and surrounding bone are protected. Combined with our ozone therapy, we make sure to clear out anything and everything that might harm the health of the jaw bone, gums, and surrounding teeth after the procedure.

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