We like to play it safe with the materials we put into your mouth. That’s why we pay attention to the effects certain materials may have on your body. More importantly, our holistic approach is focused on removing anything harmful that may already be present.

Know What Dentists Are Putting Into You

The materials a dentist uses to fill cavities or to fix other issues can affect your overall health. Safe materials during dental procedures are extremely important to avoid complication. Since you shouldn’t have to worry about whether a procedure is good for your health or not, we use only biocompatible, safe materials at Smile Magic.


Dental Fillings

When a dentist takes care of a cavity, they usually drill out the dead tissue and replace it with some kind of filling. Without the filling, you’d just have a big hole that would invite more bacteria in.

Silver fillings, also known as amalgams, are a common filler choice among most dentists. Despite the name, they actually contain some amount of mercury, which can release low levels of vapor into the mouth and rest of the body. While organizations like the FDA believe amalgams are still safe, the jury is still out since many studies offer conflicting results.

At Smile Magic, we only use metal-free materials for this kind of restoration. Composites offer the same level of durability without using any mercury and other toxic materials.


Dental Implants

Replacing a tooth with a dental implant is generally a safe and necessary procedure to keep your mouth healthy long term. After a tooth has been extracted, a base is rooted into the jaw bone where the implant can mount and remain secure.

Metal implants, while common, can lead to some of the same health issues as silver fillings and similar treatments. Even though they are strong, some people aren’t biologically compatible with these materials. Once again, our preference for safe materials like zirconium instead of titanium implants promotes better bio-compatibility to keep you healthy without cutting corners on the durability of your implants.

We Get Your Mouth Mercury Free

We don’t stop at just using safer fillings when dealing with cavities and other dental procedures. To improve your health, we will remove any existing amalgams to stop future harm. We believe that mercury removal is key to keeping your whole body healthy.

Our removal process will get the mercury out of your mouth safely. Removing any vapor or loose debris is just as important as getting the fillings. To do this, we take a few extra precautions to protect your teeth and the surrounding areas. These include:

– Using a rubber dam to keep you from swallowing any fillings or debris.
– Ventilating your mouth to remove vapors/small particles and to bring in fresh air.
– Offering extra oxygen to help the body remove any lingering mercury vapor.

By taking care of your dental issues in a safe, biocompatible way, you can enjoy healthier teeth.

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