Smile Magic, the popular choice for people interested in pain-free dentistry in Orange County, California, continues to offer the latest in technological advances, including breakthrough diagnostic treatment tools such as:



How often have you wondered what the dentist was pointing out to and what he was trying to show you with a mirror?. With our awesome high resolution intra oral camera we can show you everything we see. Now you can be a total partner in the diagnostic and treatment planning process. No more surprises and shocks. This is one other way we maintain total transparency in all everything we do.


Crown and bridge fabrication technologies, With this incredible technology you can get your crowns, bridges and veneers done in one day while you wait. YES!!! Same day crowns. In one visit. Perfect for the busy individual who can’t be running around waiting for the lab to fabricate their crowns, all the time worried about their lousy temporaries. Add the digital shade matching, and you have a winning combination to deliver the perfectly matched and fitted crowns in one visit. Hat a winning combination. Guess who also wins YOU!!!


Digital 3D scanning systems and diagnostics. This state-of-the-art system delivers the sharpest images in the industry, while exposing patients to far less radiation over shorter durations. High-resolution imaging means super accurate diagnoses for even more superior results with minimum radiation exposure, to create incredible 3D images that take the guesswork out of what’s best for your dental health. With the GALILEOS Cone Beam Machine and Dr. Nazir at Smile Magic, one visit and your mysterious toothache is perfectly diagnosed with pin point accuracy. And if you need an implant, the GALILEOS CONE Beam device makes it as accurate and simple as getting a filling. If your dentist isn’t using the GALILEOS 3D Cone Beam machine the next time you have a toothache, it’s time to go to Smile Magic in Anaheim Hills and Tustin, California. Both offices boast incredible GALILEO 3D Cone Beam machines, which make getting a dental implant and solving your toothache fast, easy and pain free. Dr. Nazir at Smile Magic expertly utilizes the GALILEOS Cone Beam machine, which has been optimized to achieve the best possible image quality at the lowest possible radiation, while giving the most accurate diagnostic tool ever invented in dentistry. Never again will you have a misdiagnosed extraction, root canal or crown.

digital 3d scanning dental orange county


No more mismatched crowns and funny looking teeth especially in your smile. Yes!! Guaranteed shade matching. Our Easy-Shade digital scanner will accurately match your natural teeth or crowns, so we have crowns that disappear into your smile. 27 points are scanned in seconds to give us a shade map to work from. You will love it!

three metal free dental implants on blue background


Whether you have allergies to certain metal alloys – or you simply object to any foreign metal objects in your mouth – Smile Magic of Anaheim Hills and Tustin has the solution… 100 percent metal free implants. Dr. Nazir will see to it that your totally metal-free implants fit, feel and function exactly like your natural teeth – only without a trace of the metal found in today’s implants. Only one dentist in Southern California offers metal-free implants, and it’s Dr. Nazir at Smile Magic, Anaheim Hills and Tustin, California.



No longer do you have to depend on an outside lab to deliver your crowns and bridges, often mismatched and poorly fitted. Our in-house lab delivers perfect results while you wait, every crown, bridge and veneer is custom shaded and crafted with accuracy measured in microns. Our larger cases get the same attention, and yours is the only case they work on until it is finished and delivered. Custom all the way.

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