When a tooth/teeth are missing due to extractions, or when they were never formed due to developmental issues, the primary choice of treatment and the accepted minimum standard of care today, would be a dental implant. Unfortunately, in many if not all cases, especially when treatment has been delayed for various reasons, we are faced with inadequate bone structure and volume due to previous extractions, gum disease or injuries, making dental implant placement difficult or even impossible.

Bone grafting and reconstruction can repair these areas by means of adding bone and by stimulating new bone growth. The question that always is asked is, “Where does that bone you use for grafting come from?” At Smile Magic, we use various sources such as your bone and when larger quantities are required for extensive reconstruction, we use bone from Donor banks that are nationally vetted and safe. In addition to the particulate graft material, we almost always use our patients’ own stem cells by drawing some blood, much like when you go to the lab for blood work.

A unique part of the blood cells, called platelets come into play when the body has suffered an injury due to an accident or due to surgery. Platelets help the blood clot formation, start the healing process, and they also hold and release growth factors found nowhere else, into the affected area that stimulates the formation of new bone, blood vessels, muscle, nerve tissue and more. Right before the grafting procedure is started, usually after our patients are sedated, we draw a few small vials of blood right in the office. We then spin this blood in a centrifuge to isolate and concentrate the platelets, along with the precious growth factors. . In this process we are harvesting living blood cells from your body, concentrating the important ones, and selectively and strategically placing these living cells straight back in so they can help grow bone. The results are truly amazing and nothing short of magical.

Depending on the amount of bone needed to secure the dental implants, we sometimes will harvest some bone from within the mouth and/or biomaterials derived from other sources including synthetic materials and donor tissues. Any of our dental procedures done at Smile Magic including PRP Therapy can be done under sleep sedation by our licensed IV Sedation dentist Dr. Ray Nazir.

The advantages of PRP Therapy in our surgical procedures are:

* Safety: It is a by-product of your own blood, so disease transmission is not an issue.

* Convenient: PRP is generated in our office just prior to the procedure.

* Faster Healing: PRP speeds up the healing process and generates higher success rates.

For more comprehensive information about PRP therapy for dental procedures, click to view the ncbi.nlm.hih.gov website.

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